Best Summer Concealers Part 4: The Drug Store Score

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{The Drug Store Score: Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer}

{Formula} Created with a “time release” formula to keep coverage looking fresh for up to 24 hours, this drug store score is one of the best investments you can make. Affordable and accessible, you might want to stock up on a few as backups and to keep in your purse. Product glides on easily and the creamy texture makes for a smooth application; very easy to blend under the eye or on blemishes.

{Packaging} The ColorStay line from Revlon mimics the sophisticated, minimalist appearance of higher end lines such as MAC and Chanel. The doe foot applicator applies product directly onto skin; however I would recommend using a finger or concealer brush on any breakouts so you do not transfer bacteria into the tube.

Tip: because the doe foot applicator can bring unwanted air and bacteria into the tube, you should consider a simple way to sanitize. Having air trapped inside the tube (from taking applicator in and out) can promote drying out of product and makes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

How to quickly sanitize: Dab some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol (at least 70% alcohol) on a cotton pad and wipe off excess product from of the applicator. Add some more alcohol to the pad and place on the tip for 30 seconds to ensure germs are killed. Alcohol evaporates fairly quickly. Once tip is dry, insert back into tube. Good job!

{Application} I like to take the product on my clean finger and apply directly to the areas that need it. I find it is strong enough to cover broken capillaries around the nose but is not drying, even when I have allergies.

Tip: to create a precise eye liner or lip liner application, use the concealer to line the area under eye liner or around the lips and blend with concealer brush or damp sponge. This particular formula is concentrated enough to create clean lines and fix any smudge situation.

Available: Target

Retail Price: $8.49 for 0.21 Fl oz.

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