Hester Street Fair + Michelle Phan & Em Cosmetics

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Her vision is limitless. She shines so bright that she lights up the dream in my heart, and I know she does the same for everyone she reaches.

Today was a fulfilling day because I got to check out some spectacular treasures at the Hester Street Fair in NYC (LES) and above all, I got to meet my inspiration, Michelle Phan!

If you have ever been on the Internet, you have probably seen something about Michelle and her work.  Michelle has evolved into a superstar in the beauty industry and has pioneered in the world of DIY and social media success.

In a nutshell, Michelle has worked her heart out and it is safe to say she has “made it.” I have susbcribed to Michelle’s YouTube channel Michelle Phan since 2006 and she has been a source of inspiration to me ever since.

To name a few of her accomplishments:

A photo from Michelle’s feature in October’s Glamour Magazine:

Michelle recently launched Em Cosmetics,  her very own cosmetics line in collaboration with L’Oréal cosmetics:

And of course, she also spearheaded the YouTube beauty guru-inspired subscription service called Ipsy:

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 7.09.57 PM

These are just a few reasons why Michelle Phan is someone to admire.

Her vision is limitless. She shines so bright that she lights up the dream in my heart, and I know she does the same for everyone she reaches.

At the Hester Street Fair, you have a chance to meet local artisans, chefs and jewelers. The first thing I did was head straight to Michelle’s Em Cosmetics tent to check out the goods and meet the ultimate beauty guru:
2013-09-14 14.21.18

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Original Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich from Melt Bakery:

2013-09-14 14.18.09

Original Artwork from Tamara Garvey:

2013-09-14 18.04.05

Midi Rings from Wink and Flip:

2013-09-14 18.07.52

Mix It Up Pinks Lip Palette from Em Cosmetics (she signed ”Good Luck“!):

2013-09-14 18.08.42 2013-09-14 18.09.00 2013-09-14 18.09.10 2013-09-14 18.09.43 2013-09-14 18.09.57

I’m wearing the NYX eyeshadow color in Morocco from this month’s Ipsy bag!

2013-09-14 18.12.27

A brilliant touch is the empty bubble, where you can mix the colors to make your own shade!

2013-09-14 18.13.18

I had such a great time–another magical NYC moment. Thanks to Michelle for her kindness and grace.

Ladies, never give up on your dreams and always reach for the brightest star!

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Start Each Day Like It’s Your BIRTHDAY

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One more week until my birthday...a lot of reflection, a lot of excitement!

It’s actually been a few years since I’ve been this excited for my birthday. I’ve sort of dreaded getting older without achieving what I thought I should have by that age.

Although it’s important to set goals and have ambitions, I realized I shouldn’t punish myself if I didn’t have my dream job, salary, or living space within a certain time frame.  I will get there. Let’s enjoy the journey.

I’m still young and fabulous as ever and I want to remind you to “start each day like it’s your birthday” and celebrate all things large and small.

What inspires you? What do you do each day to make it bright?

{I find inspiration and admiration in so many people, especially other online contributors. Check out some of my daily sources of inspiration below!}

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Sneak Peek: Second Annual Beauty Editor’s Day


Happy Friday!

Congratulations to making it another week. Somehow it’s already August and I am stoked because it is my birth month (go Leos!). Time to celebrate, right?

Well, I couldn’t have kicked off the month any better than having the opportunity to participate in the second annual Look Good Feel Better Beauty Editor’s Day at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC yesterday. This event is founded on an amazing cause and allows supporters to meet beauty editors from the best magazines and participate in a makeover at a selected cosmetics counter.

The ultimate highlight for me was meeting Jean Godfrey-June, Beauty Director for Lucky Magazine!

To say I admire her is an understatement. I am excited to share with you my experience at this event and to share my meeting with Jean.

Here’s a nice feature on Jean from Into The Gloss in the meantime.


{In Case You Missed It}

Yesterday began part one of a four-part series on the summer’s best concealers. Check out Part One: The Lightweight and hang tight for Part Two: The Heavyweight!

Concealor final

Until then, make today fabulous.