Best Summer Concealers Part 1: The Lightweight


2013-07-31 22.06.06

{Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up}

First up, we have our Lightweight concealer from Benefit Cosmetics. She’s pretty and shiny and she sure packs quite a punch!

2013-08-01 13.27.18

The Lightweight: Benefit Fake Up

{Formula} A layer of hydration surrounds a core of smooth concealer. Infused with vitamin E and apple seed extract, this will aid in moisturizing and brightening the eye area. Light, creamy texture makes for a smooth, hydrating finish. This is ideal for a natural makeup look, humid summer days (hello, heat wave!) and running to the grocery store.

{Packaging} I’m a sucker for cute package design and Benefit never disappoints in this aspect. The concealer comes in a metallic retractable lipstick tube which makes it easy to control application. Definitely deserves a spot on the vanity counter.

{Application} I prefer to swipe this on under my eyes in a gentle windshield wiper motion. For a highlighting effect, I draw the shape of an inverted triangle beneath the entire under eye area and fill this in. I use a clean ring finger to pat onto skin and blend into the inner corners and onto the eye lids. Say ‘goodbye’ to dark circles!

Tip: Streaking is scary!  This formula is very creamy. To avoid unwanted lines and to achieve a “barely there” result, blend well with clean finger or damp cosmetic sponge (I suggest sponges from Sonya Kashuk or Beauty Blender). A concealer brush may move formula around too much.

Retail price: $24.00 USD for 0.12 fl oz

2013-07-30 07.02.09

Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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